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Growing up in New York City on a steady diet of comic books, action movies and sitcoms led me to the career I have today.  A serial multi-tasker, I’m currently an internationally-known media personality, combat sports commentator, actress, and fitness professional having worked with some of the world’s most recognized broadcast outlets, brands, and lifestyle programs.


A large portion of my on-air work has been in the Combat Sports world working for multiple promotions across the country and in the UK.  Friday Nights you can find me cage-side reporting for AXS TV Fights alongside veteran commentators Ron Kruck and UFC Hall of famer Pat Militech. Some major highlights of my fight career have been hearing my voice through the speakers of Madison Square Garden for Triumph Muay Thai or standing side by side my idol Bas Rutten commentating for Karate Combat. I love to share my knowledge and passion for martial arts and have been a featured-on MTV, ESPN, FOX5 News, CNN, Dublin News Radio, Siruis XM and Spike TV.  I am a regular guest host on UFC Unfiltered with Matt Serra and Jim Norton as well as a panel member on The MMA BEAT for SB Nations’ MMA fighting.  


Training in Martial Arts has given me a unique insider perspective. For over a decade I’ve enjoyed multiple arts such as boxing, karate, MMA and Muay Thai. Most recently I’ve fallen in love with Escrima and Brazilian Ju Jitsu.  My fitness work includes regular appearances on Daily Burn 365 where I design and teach workouts that stream for multiple fitness levels.  My signature workout program “Undefeated.” is one of their most popular.  Teaming up with Everlast I created the IN-FIGHTING SHAPE PODCAST to talk about all thing’s wellness and healthy lifestyle.  


As an actress, I’ve gotten to play some unique rolls on HBO, NBC and even got my head shot off on Blindspot.  I’ve also be in commercials for Adidas, Equinox, Discovery Channel, Spike TV, Kohls -Under Armour …but…I’ll never hear the end of it from my friends for playing the “occasional constipation” girl in the Colace ad.

One of the most rewarding things I’ve done as an actress was working with the NYPD’s crisis intervention team, roll playing with officers’ serious scenarios on dealing with people with mental illness or in crisis.  I was hired to make the training as realistic as possible in order to educate and save lives.

I truly enjoy pursuing my passions.  When it’s time to relax you can find me cooking up a healthy meal, bingeing shows or just hanging out with our dog Max (who’s not supposed to be on the couch but he’s too cute to stop him). 

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